Crosswind Flight Training is the right place to start.

Whether you want to learn to fly for enjoyment, business, or to become a career pilot; our mission is to provide affordable, quality training. Our instructors are all hand picked and are some of the most talented CFI's in the industry. Get a leading edge skill advantage with our advanced training techniques. Your Instructor will teach you correct procedures and advanced aviation techniques on all levels like: Safety, Communication, Aircraft Systems, Aerodynamics, Weather, Crosswind landings, and so much more. Crosswind flight Training offers the best value for flight training in Central Florida. Contact us today to schedule your 1hr. Introductory flight, for $159.00, with one of our FAA Certified Flight Instructors. An Introductory Flight is designed to help you understand what flying is about and all that is involved. The Introductory Flight will actually be your very first loggable flight lesson, and possibly the beginning of a lifelong passion.



What does it take to start? 

The path to become a pilot starts with earning your Private Pilot Certificate.  The Federal Aviation Administration regulations require that you have a minimum of 40 hours of flying before you earn your certificate.  Many people take between 55 and 80 hours of instructional (dual) and solo flying hours to obtain the proper skills and experience to be a private pilot.  The time it takes depends on how often you fly.  Flying at least two hours a week is recommended to keep your training on path to successful completion.  About 10 hours of ground instruction will be necessary to properly prepare you as a pilot.  You must also pass a Third Class Medical, a written test, and a practical test with a FAA designated pilot examiner. At 16 years old, you can fly solo and at 17 you can earn your Private Pilot certificate. 

Our instructors are highly competent and have produced many new pilots and certified flight instructors.  They are committed to making a safe and proficient pilot.  If you are having any difficulties, we will work with you to ensure there is a good fit with you and your instructor.

Cash, checks, and all major credit cards are accepted.  We encourage you to pay-as-you-fly.  It is not necessary to pay for your training at one time.

Crosswind Flight Training can also provide you with block time to reduce the cost of flying and help you to build your flight resume.  If you are interested in building hours of flight time, please give us a call at 321-800-UFLY (8359).

We provide training from 9AM-5PM Monday through Saturday. (Sunday by appointment only)

We are located at the Orlando Sanford International Airport at 100 Starport Way, Sanford, Florida.


Crosswind Flight Training is conveniently located to serve east Central Florida.


About us:

Our mission is to provide affordable, quality training


Our company purpose is to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Crosswind Flight Training.